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A smile at the cash desk or a "good morning" at the chairlift are sometimes enough to make your day and make you want to come back.

Throughout the year, we ask our staff to be smiling, welcoming and nice, and we do our utmost to create a working environment which fosters that behaviour.

To meet this objective, the resort of la Sambuy is ISO-9001 certified since March 2006.

If you wish to make any comment or let us know about any issue, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to reply.
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The place

The resort is located at the heart of the regional natural parc of the Bauges, and thus has amazing surroundings. At the top of the chairlift, the view on the Mont Blanc, on the Aravis mountains and on the lake of Annecy is mind-blowing.

Many chamois and marmots live here. You may also see the goats of the shepherd who lives in la Bouchasse. They do enjoy the flowers of the botanical trail !

There is also a wealth of alpine flora. You can see for example various types of gentian and orchards, or whole flowerbeds of Alpine forget-me-nots whose bright blue color is truly amazing.

You can get to la Sambuy is no time at all. The resort can be quickly reached from the main towns and villages around. For example it takes only 20 minutes to get there from Albertville, 40 minutes from Annecy and hardly 10 minutes from Faverges.

The resort is open in summer as well as in winter to make everyone happy the year through !

A family place

The Sambuy resort is famous for its warm atmosphere and for being family-friendly both in summer and in winter.

In winter, 10 ski slopes are available, from green level (beginners) to black level (advanced skiers), so everyone can find there a place to ride according to his/her level and feelings.

In summer the resort provides for various activities for the whole family : a trampoline, a 4-season toboggan, a chairlift, guided tours, a botanical trail, a mountain chalet, interactive educational posts…

So the whole family can have a good time in the mountain !

Ski pass rates

We don't want price to come in the way of leisure.

So we propose for example a daily pass for beginners starting at 6 €, as well as free guided tours in summer...

Children born between 2010 and 2014 have a free access to the complete ski resort in winter, and to the chairlift in summer.

This is our way to allow everyone having fun in the mountain.

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