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At the source of the Lake of Annecy

At the hear of the Savoie-Mont-Blanc region, at about a 20 km drive from Annecy or Albertville, a PURE resort is waiting to offer you new experiences throughout the year. Here life is good... it flows like the local streams, exuberant in spring, warm in summer on the beaches of the Lake of Annecy, generous in fall throughout the forests, and turning to pure white GOLD in winter in the ski resorts of la Sambuy, Montmin or Val Tamié...

Here the range of outdoor activities is large and colorful. There are so many different things to do out there! Strange and magic places to discover, and nice places to stay everywhere in the green landscape. To help you fully enjoy your vacations, there are now 45 km of biking tracks recently marked out, and 12 tracks for scavenger hunts!


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La Sambuy
between Annecy and Albertville
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