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The Bauges Mountains

There are currently 45 regional natural parks in France, and the Bauges became one of them on December 7, 1995.

The park is composed of 8 commissions, each of which is dedicated to a particular topic and must lead many projects to protect the area and make it more attractive.

Those commissions are the following:
- Agriculture
- Infrastructure
- Corporate development
- Education about the park
- Forest
- Natural heritage
- Rural cultural heritage
- Tourism

The Bauges park is typical above all because of its diversity: weather, soil, landscapes, traditions... This wealth makes the Bauges a highly recognized and appreciated touristic place.

The mountain range is composed of small "regions" which have their own identity and have been linked by intensive economical and cultural relationships for centuries.

The area inhabitants, called the "Baujus", have been striving to build on their traditional knowledge while respecting this puzzle of local identities which is the basis of the local heritage.

That is why, for example, products such as the reblochon, tome des Bauges, Abondance or chevrotin cheeses, as well as the Savoie wines are protected by a Controlled Origin label ("AOC") which guarantees their production quality.


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