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The Location

At less than two hours' driving from the great airports of Lyon and Geneva, the Sambuy resort is located on an exceptional site.

It is close, for example, to world-famous places such as the lake of Annecy or the Mont Blanc.

In the same area you will discover the emerald waters of the Lake of Annecy, the snowy peaks of the Mont Blanc range, the green pastures of the Aravis range... this landscape is about to become your playground, waiting to be discovered. Many activities are available, such as skiing, paragliding, canyoning, rock climbing, diving, trekking… and of course snoozing on the beach in summer.

Culture-lovers will also be glad to find many museums (archaeological museum of Viuz-Faverges, olympic museum of Albertville), castles (hoarding of the castle of Faverges, castle of Menthon Saint Bernard) and interesting places to see (abbey of Tamié, Glières plateau...) And of course there are many regional festivals, such as the International Festival of Animation Films, the Lake Fair, the cows coming down from mountain pastures at the end of summer, the Musilac festival, the show for children called "Au bonheur des Mômes", etc.

We should certainly not forget to mention the traditional dishes such as the raclette, tartiflette or fondue (melted cheese dishes) which have delighted kids and grown-ups for generations! Cheese such as the reblochon or tomme blanche are often used in our meals, but you can also find many other specialties such as the blueberry pie, the "diot" sausage, the "farcement" (potatoes, meat and fruits cooked for hours), the gratin de crozets (a kind of buckwheat pasta) with chanterelle flavour... Then dinner becomes a moment of sharing and warmth!

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