.Crushing  stones on "the Forest" slope and spreading plant waste, in partnership with the Faverges Association of local towns.

.Building a chalet-like shelter to hide the electrical transformer at the top of the chairlift.


.Building a slab at the start of the chairlift and installing a cord fence around it.

.Building a base and setting up the viewpoint indicator


.Draining work at the bottom of the "Chevreuil" slope and at the bottom of the resort.

.Removing stumps and stone blocks and creating a smooth area at the bottom of the slope to facilitate the access to Fontany.

.Getting a new snow groomer, the PB 600 W Kässbohrer.


.Building an environment-friendly toilet.

.Taking down all the chairs from the chairlift to allow for a major control which is done every 15 years, checking out the alignment of the towers and performing a non-destructive control of the welds.


.Partially taking down the beginner's ski lift to enlarge and drain the slope.

.Blasting work on the "Forêt" slope and bulldozering it back into a smooth slope.


Creation of the "SIVU" body called "la Sambuy-Pays de Faverges" to replace the previous "SIVOM" body as the management structure for the resort.

The "SIVU" is an administrative body which is directly in charge of operating all the ski lifts. All decisions are made by a Board composed of 6 elected persons representing the town councils of Seythenex and Faverges. Both towns contribute to financing the resort.


Refurbishment of the uphill track part of the toboggan.


Building the current toboggan.


the current chairlift.

1970 - 1986

Building two more ski lifts, including the beginners' ski lift in 1984.


Building a 2-seat chairlift
and the Vargnoz ski lift.


Creation of the Sambuy resort
by the town council of Seythenex, with one ski lift.

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