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Ski touring and snowshoeing are forbidden on the resort's ski slopes, according to a local regulation which is posted at the cash desk.

DOWNLOAD informations (in French) which was made in partnership with the Club Alpin Français and the Parc des Bauges.

However we are aware that those activities are increasingly popular and that it may be difficult to find suitable courses for them, so we can propose a few solutions :

Buy a one-way ticket on the chairlift to get to the top of the resort. From there a large number of trek routes are available.

CAUTION : You will be trekking outside of the regular ski slopes, so you will need an adequate equipment (ARVA device in case of avalanche, shovel, helmet…)

Start from the parking lot and head to the "Aulp de Seythenex"

In that case please try to resort to carpooling so as to avoid clogging up the parking lot.

Chalet de l'Aulp alt. 1719m
Difference in Altitude : 1150 m
Dénivelé : 570m
Approximate Time : 1h30

From the parking lot take the path on the right (there is a sign at the beginning of the path).

CAUTION - This is a very popular trek in winter, so please respect the other trekkers by adapting your speed and course.

In an effort to protect the wealth of animals and plants in our mountains, the Regional Park of the Bauges has set up a web site (in French) : www.respecter-cest-proteger.fr on which threre are useful tips on how to plan your trekkings while preserving the environment.


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